Meet Aurie, The Monster Creator!


Hey, Monster Families! My name is Aurie and I am the CEO/Founder, Lead Teacher, and Marketing/Events Coordinator of Monster Classroom! 


I am a writer, actor, teacher, and GIANT kid at heart. I created Monster Classroom in July of 2020, after witnessing the lack of outdoor enrichment and arts classes for kiddos in New York City! The pandemic left a lot of kids and families stuck at home, so I wanted to create a virtual and in-person program that stimulates children's minds through music, 

art, and play. The result was imaginative storytelling, movement, and curiosity!I love every minute I get to spend with kiddos, whether it's teaching classes, planning Monster Parties, or hosting family events. Stay tuned for more for me, the MONSTER CREATOR! Can't wait to meet you and your kiddos in the park (and online).

Keep learning!

Aurie Ceylon

Founder, Lead Teacher | Monster Classroom

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Bruce Jones - Monster Teacher!

Bruce Jones
Monster Classroom Teacher

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This. Crew. Loves. To. 


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Aurie Ceylon
Monster Classroom
Founder & Lead Teacher

Alana Cauthen - Monster Teacher

Alana Cauthen
Monster Classroom Teacher=

Yoga Storytellers with Aurie
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Aurie & Alana teach a Monster Class in Washington Square Park
Toddler Enrichment with Aurie
Alana & Alana teach a Curated Care Monster Class in Central Park!
Yoga Storytellers with Aurie